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5 questions about felt desk pads

5 questions about felt desk pads

We answer 5 interesting questions of a customer about our felt pads for the workplace on the PC.

Hello dear Werktat team, I've been looking for a suitable desk pad for quite some time now and it's actually not that easy to find a suitable one. Either they are often much too small or made of a material you're not sure if you want to have this or that material around all day. That's why I looked for a desk pad that might be made of a material that's harmless to health. At first I was sceptical about felt, because I always thought that it would rather fuzz and would not have such a long-lasting reputation. And then I found out during the research that there are still enormous differences. Most of the offers at the big sales platforms are all with polyester felt. But I haven't found felt made of pure wool anywhere. Only with you, which of course pleases me. The price is of course completely different, which is why I wanted to ask you one or two questions about your desk pad.

1) Is a felt desk pad durable?

What do you mean? How durable is your desk pad? It is one of the very few on the Internet that has at least a decent thickness (height) of 5mm, but of course I wonder if it will last long.

Our felt is well applicable for a desk top surface. The felt surface is sheared and thus flat and homogeneous. Unfortunately, initial linting cannot be completely avoided, as short fibres can form at the cutting edge, which can become loose. After a short use the lints disappears on its own or can simply be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. A pilling effect (formation of small nodules) like with cheap polyester felts could not be noticed with our desk pads, nor with other products such as felt seat pads, cushions, mouse pads .... In order for you to enjoy the felt desk pad for a long time, we recommend the mixed colours. We would also be happy to send you samples of the material.

2) Why do you refrain from edging the pads with a seam?

A seam around this type of desk pads is pure decoration. The edging of textiles always makes sense if there is a risk that the fabric will dissolve at the edge. The felt we use is also stable at the cut edges. A slight rounding over the time is usual, but this cannot be avoided with a stitched edge.

3) Helps a desk pad against the mouse arm (RSI-syndrom)?

Is the desk pad rather soft? I often lie with my elbow on my desk because I work a lot with the mouse. Meanwhile I often have pain in my arm. And you also know that you can get an inflammation of the tendon sheath in addition to the mouse arm. Of course I don't want that, so I wanted to see if there's a desk pad that makes my arm rest a bit softer. Is that the case with your desk pad?

The desk pads are of course soft and comfortable to work with on your Computer. However, you shouldn't assume that they are padded. The advantages are a pleasant working feeling due to the temperature and humidity balancing properties. You can exclude a medical effect.

4) Is it worthwhile to use a latex coating on the felt table tops?

You can adjust the product in many ways. What do you recommend. Is a latex coating worthwhile? Unfortunately, you can't see what the coating will look like. But the question is also whether you actually need it all. I had thought about ordering a 90 x 55 cm underlay.

The latex coating on the underside prevents slipping on smooth surfaces. This underside must be imagined as a kind of rubber coating. It is not visible from the top because we do not apply it to the edge of the felt. Of course we cannot judge the surface of your table, but if there is a monitor or something similar on the felt surface, it is unlikely that it will slip. (The many options in product design are only there to determine if a coating should be applied (and on which side for our two-color felts: bicolor gray/bicolor brown beige).

5) Is there anything else to consider with felt made from virgin wool?

We recommend regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. After some time you can clean under running water with a sponge and possibly a colour detergent. Avoid very strong rubbing. After washing, if necessary, pull the felt slightly into shape and dry it on a flat surface in an airy place.

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